Work with Davis Library part 2


A couple weeks ago, Allison and Emily met with Davis County Libraries to discuss displaying books featuring kids of color. This week we had a follow up meeting. I am impressed with how open minded and action oriented they have been. They have taken the whole idea of representation and making it a year long goal to be more inclusive.

Here are a few action items they are working on:

  1. Scheduling a qualified person to come to Davis County Libraries for anti-bias training.
  2. They provided us with a list of multi-cultural books that they have been purchasing. One aspect of finding multi-cultural books is cataloging. It is a pretty detailed and complex process. Davis County Library is forming a committee to discuss how they can “tag, or catalog” multi-cultural books to make them easier to find. I love how they are trying to think outside the box to come up with ways to get these books to kids!
  3. They are working on including multi-cultural celebrations in their weekly story time.
  4. They are making sure to invite authors of color to come speak at events.
  5. They are excited and talking about it!

I appreciate Davis County Library for being open minded and excited about this! I love these meetings and discussions!

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