Thanksgiving 2021

Hello Friends,

I know that we are half way through November but I wanted to write a post about Native American Heritage Month.

I love this post by Preethi about writing a letter to her kids’ teachers.

I compiled this slide show about Native American Heritage month. The slide show includes a note to teachers, a book list and 1-3 lesson plans.

Here is a link to an informational booklet I compiled about The Northwestern Band of Shoshone who are Davis County’s first people. It also includes a worksheet students can complete during they read it.

I am planning on teaching the slide show and reading the informational booklet with my 6th grade students next week and the week of Thanksgiving. We are also reading Race to The Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse. \

I have been reading An Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. I am only about half way through and it has been such a great read. There is also a young adult version.

I am planning on reading There, There by Tommy Orange next.

Happy November!


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