About Children’s Equity League


Children are entitled to see their reflection represented and
valued in their environments.

Mission statement

We educate and provide resources for parents, schools and educators on equity and racial bias issues for children of color.

We fund, plan and present engaging and enriching programs for children of color that foster pride in identity through racial mirrors, mentoring and celebrating the accomplishments of racially diverse people of color in our communities and throughout the world.

Vision Statement

We plan to research and have prepared resources such as journal articles, authoritative letters, lists of professionals and advocates who can swiftly and authoritatively address issues of inequity and racial bias. We will research and implement ways to be proactive in educating and empowering educators to provide inclusive and equitable curriculum and learning environment to children of color. We will provide in person moral support and professional support to parents and other interested individuals when children of color experience biased and inequitable treatment.

We plan to fundraise in order to create and utilize resources and to plan and present enriching programs for children of color. We plan to present programs to inspire children of color to see and value themselves as important members of their community.